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接待家庭裡的頑皮小弟也是小童軍,今天(9/24)有一場童軍的大露營。不一樣的是我們用camper取代帳棚;他們射箭玩BB槍而不滾鐵圈打陀螺;「中國童子軍歌」變成"I pledge allegience, to the flag of the United Stateds Of America......";我們用三指敬禮他們只用兩指.....


在上回camper camping一週之後,接待家庭的爸爸(Jess)也為家中「添購」一台camper,這次露營首次啟用了我們的新camper,讓夜宿更有家的感覺,不過卻少了帳棚的野味。Jacob的cousin(Ashley)也加入了這次露營,我們兩個高中大孩子可沒有像小童軍們能闖關遊戲,只得繞著營地兜圈子走動,稍嫌無聊些,不過卻讓我想起上回camping時,Felicia的姊姊說:露營的目的就全身放鬆,不想任何雜事,坐著發呆也好,親近大自然也好,反正忘掉一切瑣事就對了!




露營時,竟然碰到我第一天抵達Kentucky的arrived family,也是現在的RC(區域接待員),我為第一天忙碌行程而忽略的照相紀念在今天補上一張。

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Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Today(9/23) there's a special pageant in my school. Many boys made up like girls, and imitate girls' action, than start a beauty contest. Every "lady" walk on stage and the host introduce the "lady's" hobbies, dreams, and favorite TV show. I think their movement and behavior are weird for really lady, because they touch their fake bust and bottom. It seems to let himself(herself?) become sexy?
Some friends asked me to join the pageant, but I can't imagine what I'll be, so I give up. But I enjoyed being an audience, and makeing some photos with my "lady" friends.
 「三民主義,吾黨所宗,以建民國,以進大同。咨爾多士,為民前鋒; 夙夜匪懈,主義是從。矢勤矢勇,必信必忠;一心一德,貫徹始終。」我們的學生每天唱國歌,美國的學生每天要宣示
I pledge allegience, to the flag of the United Stateds Of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, under god, indivisible, with liberity, and justice for all.

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Recent two days (9/16~17), there was a music Festival in University of Kentucky(UK). The music festival takes place every year, they invite many high school choirs to join and perform. I was part of it this year and enjoyed the music very much.


First day (9/16) we left school at 9:15, taking school bus for 3 hours to Lexington. On the way to UK, we ate lunch in one of 4 differences fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. In fact, we have more than 4 choices, American loves fast food. No wonder most of Americans are big.


When we arrived Lexington, we went to check-in hotel first. Than went to UK to practice songs that we will perform. Choir is composed of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. We separated to practice. I’m a Tenor. After 3 hours practicing, we admired UK choir performance.


When we back to hotel at 10:30. Our teacher said we have curfew at 11:30, so we decided to go swimming first. The swimming pool was really small. I thought we can only play inside the pool, not swim. Just as I expected, everybody played together. I want to emphasize “EVERYBODY” this word. It’s amazing to me. In my opinion, Boys always esteem girls, we won’t touch or hug girls when we’re both naked (of course, we wear swimming suit). But I’m wrong, they hug, touch….. I had to be brave and join with them.


On the second day, we practiced together, and rehearsal again and again. I really enjoyed singing and listening to music. Try to imagine, you stand with 400 people and sing together. The music full of power, it touched my heart very much.


In the formal perform, we stand on the stage. The audiences not as big as I thought. But the clapping was still very loud. We had a very good performance.



台灣多半只有在速食餐廳有購餐車道(Drive Thru),美國不僅在速食餐廳有,星巴克、藥局、啤酒店、ATM……,究竟該說美國很方便,還是美國人很懶呢?

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"Where are you from?"
"I'm from Taiwan!"
"What? You tied one on?" ("tied one on" means somebody got drunk)
"Pardon? What's that mean?"
上星期的Camper camping時,一位和藹的老人跟我開玩笑說「Taiwan」聽起來像「tied one on」,他是Anna接待家庭的爺爺----Sylvester Duncan。我對他印象並不算特別深刻,不過tied one on卻讓我記憶猶新!而他在911四周年那天走了......
到了教堂,門口擺了兩張桌子,左邊放了一個做得像房子的箱子,寫著"In memory. Love gift, note.
or write"以及一些信紙與信封,供親友留言祝福﹔右邊放了純白的卡片和一本簽到簿,卡片封面印
著"Going Home",內頁印著他的照片、生日及葬禮流程。進入viewing,裡面坐著些許親友,衣服並不刻意,甚至紅色也不被避諱。遺體前方坐著他的內人和子女,左右方分別放置卡片及他的照片。
"Thank you for coming,他走得很安詳(我忘記他是如何表達的)"上回在camping時Anna接待家庭的一家之主是和藹老人的兒子,他緊握我的手說。
我愣了一會兒說"I'm sorry, I don't know what should I say."
"Let's OK! Thank you for coming! Appreciate!"
我並沒有因為這個場合而感到悲傷,倒是感受到他們的虔誠,人往生是Going Home,回到天國去,但永遠存在我們心中。這與中國佛教道教的前世今生和輪迴給人更正向與光明。
林玫玲校長在《我家開戲院》簽書時提了「人生如戲,精采收場!」Sylvester Duncan的電影剛下檔,我的電影還在拍攝中呢!絕對是未上演先轟動,敬請期待吧!



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I'm not a sport fan, but yestertoday(9/9) there's the first football game in school. I was curious about football, so, I watched the game.
Classmates told me I have to wear gold or brown color T-shirt to school. Because these 2 color are our school color. And students went crazy all day because of the ball game at night. Fourth period, every student got together in the gym to encourage the football players.
No matter freshman, sophomore, junior ,or senior, everyone yelled and shouted for their own grade. Than all students shouted for scholl slogon "Go Raiders!"
The footbal game took placed at7:30. Cheerleaders started cheering and Players started running, but the audience didn't seem excited. A few of them shouted only if we got a point. It made me confused. The foodball games in the movies are exciting, but why not here?
I'm proud of my school, because we won the game, even though the game itself wasn't exciting to me.
P.S. I though Quidditch(魁地奇), the sport in <Harry Potter>, just like football, but it takes place in the sky!

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I joined the school madrigal, and this TUE(9/6). is my first time performance.
Because of Cumberland Lake Hospital has a new building, so they invited us to sing. (My classmate said that MCHS Madrigal is the best choir in McCreary County.) We sing 2 songs, one for begining, the other for ending. Begining song is <Star Spangled Banner>, ending song is <My Old Kentucky Home>. I enjoyed singing very much. (You can touch the song's name, than you can listen to the music!)
After singing, we had a big luch. There are 3 floors for food, 1 floor for appetizer, basement for main food, 2 floor for dessert. There are Mexican food and American food for main food. And the dessert has a chocolate fall. We can eat every fruit and cookies with chocolate. It's really delicious.
Everybody was very full. When we were waiting school bus, one of classmates ask me "Do you know about martial(Chinese Kung Fu)?" That's a good question. I have answered this question many times. American thought every Chinese knows Kung Fu(功夫)!? My answer is I had learned a little bit Taekwondo(跆拳道) in my childhood. So they asked me to show them Taekwondo. You can see that photo that a lady and I have a cool posture!
It's a fun day. I thought today let me with friends more close.
Happy birthday song is popular everywhere. American Birthday song is longer than our.
>>>>Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday dear ***(name),Happy birthday to you. And many more.

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9/4(Sun.)is my hostfamily's family meeting. Everybody prepare some foods to share, I ate very full. After lunch, my host mother's sister's family will go to camping. They invited me to join them. So my hostbrother and I go with them. There is another exchange student live with them, she's from Germany, her name is Anna.
We went to a National Park to camping. They used tent and camper for camping. This is my first time to live in camper. Everything is fresh to me. There are kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in the camper. Outside is beautiful natural. We enjoyed the BBQ dinner with fresh air, fragrance, and sunshine. Because of the beautiful envirnment, the food taste more delicious.
9/5(Mon.)is Labor's day. We never regarded Labor's day as a holiday in Taiwan, but they do. So I have 3 days weekend. We still stay in the National Park untill Monday. And visit a mineral cave and a railway for shipping mineral. Anna and I both are senior in school, so we took lots of picture for school year book.
We rode bikes on winding road in hillside. When we were in downslop, it was very comfortable. On the opposite, we were very tired in upslop. I really enjoyed in these 3 days weekend. From Cumberland's Fall to National Park, I love the beautiful natural!!!
>>>>雙層純牛肉 / 獨特加料加生菜 / 起士洋蔥酸黃瓜 / 芝麻麵包蓋上去 / 好吃過癮麥香堡
>>>>Two all beaf patties , special sauce lettuces cheese , pickles onions on a sesame seed bun
Anna跟我說,德國的麥當勞可沒有Big Mac順口溜唷!
 這股無形卻堅實的力量竟把人與人之間的距離,拉得如此的緊密、、、   ......詳全文

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Yesterday(9/2) night, I cooked dinner for my hostfamily. I cooked Chinese traditional food,stir-fry rice(炒飯) and Chinese tea. They seldome use soy sauce(醬油),so we went to supermarket to buy that and rice first. Grandma helped me to cook rice, but we put too more warter, so the rice tasted very sticky. Chinese usually drinks hot tea, American likes to put some ice cude and suger inside. So, when we cooked tea, they added ice cude and sugar, it tasted better for them.
Today, we took a trip to a National scenery, Cumberland Falls. It's a pretty place. Espacially, the waterfall is majestic. We made lots of photos. Jacob(my host brother) and I climbed the big stones. We very enjoyed our trip today.
When we back home, we started to make some desserts for a family metting tomorrow. Felicia(my host mother) told me the family meeting takes place once a year. Some family members who live far from here will come to meet us, too. I expect that we will have a happy meeting tomorrow!

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