People do things differently in emergency status. Like me, my computer is broken now. All I thought about was finding the fastest way to fix it. And that's the beginning of the story about the package.

My laptop was bought last April. It's a nice Acer 14.1" laptop, good value, nice quality....(now the good words are in history) There's one year Global Warranty and two years Taiwan Domestic Warranty. And after I bought the laptop for one year and one month. It turned to blue screen, and died suddenly with no reason. My friend's common is "You should get a MAC."

Since it's still under Taiwan Domestic Warranty. I decided to send it back to Taiwan. The weight for my package is 19 pounds, and it cost me 130USD. It will arrive Taiwan no later than next Monday. That was my plan, and also what I've done. But I realized if I carried it back to Taiwan by my own. It will cost nothing. Even if I do, I can get an extra 50 pounds luggage for 150USD only.

I knew all the price thing! But I still sent it. Probably just because I was only thinking about fixing the computer in the shortest time. It's crazy, isn't it?

One thing I should be happy about my computer issue is, I start typing English Blog! I was too lazy for typing English article. But now, I have no choice but to obey if I want to write blog....



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  • Jack
  • What does "You should get a MAC" mean ?
  • MAC is apple's computer.
    I bet you are thinking McDonald's.....
    Here's one of their famous commercial series "Get a Mac." (The Windows is "PC")

    sincerexie 於 2009/05/07 00:35 回覆


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