2009-5-7 (1).JPGMany people learned how to driver right after their 18-year-old birthday in Taiwan, but I didn't. There are many reasons behind it, the main one is, I don't think that I will have chance to drive.

But in USA, car is not a trasnportation tool. IT'S YOUR LEGS. So when I can only ride my bike here, I felt like I can only crawl like a baby.

My exchange year is almost over anyway, so it's not a big deal to keep "crawling" for another month. But since I set my travel plan before I leave the US, LA - Phoniex - Grand Canyon- Las Vegas - LA, so I desided to learn how to drive.

You can't imagin how hard to ask people to teach you driving. Maybe it's my own problem, since I don't really want to disturb others again and again and again....and especially I don't have my own car, I have to borrow other's car to practice. It became more difficult. I'm really appreciated to the following 3 friends, Ning, Miya, and Samel, spent time with me and taught me driving. I couldn't have my driver's license without your helping.
2009-5-4 (15).JPG I have to give my special thanks to Samel who is a policeman in Taiwan. He taught me driving, and even let me borrow his car. (Dear mom and dad, the tax you paid for Taiwanese government works here, too!.............I'm just joking....)

I remember one day I chated with Samel about driving when I faild my driver's test at the second time. He said that he can teach me whenever I want. Aafter that, he called me on a Saterday morning, and asked me to go to watch a car show with him. I accepted his invitation, and met him outside of dinging hall. He went off the car and said to me, "Come, you drive." It deeply touched my heart . He invited me to a car show and also tried to teach me driving.

From that day, I keep disturbing him almost a month, and finally got my driver's license. I can't thank you enough, Samel. I'm really really appreciated of all the things you have done to me. 

2009-5-6 (3).JPG I got my driver's license last Tuesday. And I figured out Jason Marz was coming to Kansas City to have a conert last Wednesday. I heard about that Jason Marz's concert is great from a friend, Johnny, who went to his concert in Taiwan. So I invited a couple friends to go with me. Also I had chance to drive for long distance.

Since I'm new to drive, so all of lives are in the risks. Tommy who got the driver's license on the same day as me drove one way, and I drove one way. We made it back safely, thanks God. And the concert was awesome!! Plain White Ts is a band played music before Jason Marz which was so good, too!!

Now I'm looking forward to my trip to the west coast with Tommy. It will be my very first "backpacker trip" in the US. Come to check the latest news on my blog!

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