Chose a wish, find a dream,
pick a wishing star.
Let your hopes and spirit soar
high and free and far.
Believe in the impossible,
than work and try to do.
~For only those who dare to dream,
can make a dream come ture. 
The last two days in America. I started packing baggage. In the same time, I started imaging what will happen in my "new life" in Taiwan. It's just like I imaged what will happened in the U.S. while I was leaving Taiwan last year. It full of wishes. But no matter where am I, or where will I be. I will always dare to dream, always try my best to creat my life. Taiwan, I'm coming!


Countdown with me.......

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  • 狼之獨步
  • 等你回來阿!!msn線上見囉!!
  • vaychi
  • This picture is amazing...did you make by yourself : )?


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