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Robin Williams(羅賓威廉斯)is one of my favorite movie actor. And he has a new comedy movie this year. It's <RV>(休旅任務). Since you can watch this movie in Taiwan until June 30, so I'm exciting to watch it 2 months earlier.
Williams always do good at comedy and encouragement kind movies, such as Jumanji(野蠻遊戲) and Patch Adams(心靈點滴). His new film, RV, is talking about a family need to be closer.
Bob(Robin Williams), an overworked guy, made a decision to take his family to Hawaii, and get some quality together with them. But, his company asked him to do a presentation in Colorado in the same time as the trip to Hawaii. Bob didn't want his family to feel bad, but he didn't want to lose his job, neither. So he lied to his family and changed the trip place from Hawaii to Colorado, and also changed living in HOTEL to RV(Recreational Vehicle).
He didn't want his family figure out their thip is his working time, he tried his best to do everything. The target for him is, don't lose the job and also close to his family. During their trip, they met a weird family, but, this weird family help Bob to go back his family.
It's a happy ending. Bob didn't lose his job and also reconnect with his family. The film is interesting, because Bob doesn't know much about RV, so he met many troubles. And he had to take care both his job and family, he was just like a candle burnig at both ends.
But this movie has some boring part. And the funny part of the movie is caused of the action not the story. I think the movie is okay ,but most of newspaper critics gave it not much grade. Since it's Robin William's movie, I will still recommend it.
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