When I first came to Kentucky. All I knew about here was nothing but KFC. (Ya, I love eating.) And Kentucky sure is the state where got the very first KFC restaurant. Yesterday, we finally got a chance to visit it.


The first KFC is in Corbin, KY. It's one hour far from McCreary County. We went to the Kentucky's biggest Flea Market in London, KY first. We spent there for 3 hours. Flea Market should be a place to sale some second-hand stuff, you can find many cheap stuff, although it's not brand new, but it still can be used. Now mankind is used to waste, flea market is good place to recycle and protect our only world. But I'm wrong, most of stores inside the flea market are selling brand new stuff. It's kind of a small shopping mall.


I didn't spend any money in flea market since I'm broke. I just looked around. Than we went to visit the First KFC.


KFC is created by Harland Sanders. There is a sign which government put it outside the first KFC, it said Harland Sanders is Kentucky's most famous citizen. As you knew, Harland Sanders is the old man who always wear white suit and stand infront of KFC restaurant.


We saw a sign which said "SANDERS CAFE", that's the store's name before it started calling KFC. In fact, when KFC became a big company to go public, Harland Sanders wasn't the boss anymore. Because a big company bought from him, but he didn't sign his name on paper. So, he lost a bunch bunch money. That year, he was 66-year-old.


Inside the first KFC, you can see Harland Sanders's kitchen where he created seasoner for fried chicken. There are also some stuffs in old KFC stores, such as plate and napkin. It's just like a small museum. The menu here is totally the same as regular KFC, but the feeling of eatting here should be different.(Although I didn't eat here.)


By the way, I watched the movie <Super Size Me> few days ago. I strongly suggest, don't eat too much fast food. It's not only a kind of fat/junk food, but also unhealthy.

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