Today is the last day of this trip. We stayed half day in Georgia only. The first step was CNN studio. CNN, Atlanta is the CNN main station of America. We can watch CNN in Taiwan, it's from here, too.
CNN is a leading brand of news media  There's CNN Channel, CNN Breaking News, CNN International News, CNN Español(Spanish), and their website(CNN.com). They have journalisms from everywhere in the world.
We visited their fake report room, it's the same as that time I visited NBC Studio in New York. Than we visit their real report room and their office. But, when everything was real, we couldn't take any photo and we can only see through by glass. Everything is copyright............
Before going home, we visited Centennial Olympic Park. Which was built to celebrate the 100 years the Olympic Games. The very first Olympic game took place at Athens in 1896. They have bricks placed on the ground, that you could donate some money to have your name put on it. Than all the bricks are placed together and surrounded by "100".
There are 3 water show a day in this park. We saw the water show with music. It's fantastic! Our trip was end of this pretty water show. And I have one week spring break, it's about time to take a rest.
The End
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