After the rock dinner in Hard Rock Cafe. It's time for live sport show. We were going to wartch the most important sport in Taiwan, baseball. Today at Turner Field was playing ball as the Atlanta Braves and Chicago White Sox. These 2 teams both have ever been world(or national) champion. It's king faced king. It must be a good game.
I'm not a big sport's fan, so I can hardly describe you what's going on in the baseball field. So I would like to tell you who's the winner directly. My first time watched a live baseball game was 3 years ago in Hsinchu(新竹), it was 統一獅 versus 中信鯨. That time, Hsinchu was 中信鯨's home game. But 統一獅 won the game. The same as this time, here's Atlanta Braves' home game. But sadly, Chicago White Sox played 2 home run and won the game. Most of audiences there were Atlanta Braves' big fans, so you can see many people left while the game wasn't over.
In the game, there's a channel to relay a TV broadcast. Our group was yelling very loud, so the camera focused on us 4 times. I was on the TV 2 times only, but it was really cool.
We were going to an amazing park, Six Flags, today. And today in the midnight 2:00 was the end of the winter saving time(see snow?!). The time went forward one hour, so 2:00 suddenly changed back to 3:00. It also meaned we lost one hour to sleep. So we desided to leave hotel until new time 10:00 in the morning.
I woke up a little bit earilier, and I have a friend who is an exchange student from Taiwan lives in Georgia. I called hime in the morning. I sat in the hotel hall and enjoyed speaking in Chinese with Jay until it's almost time to leave.......
Today is the first day Six Flags Amazing Park re-open(They closed in winter). There were crowd. You have to line up at least half hour to take a roller coaster. We only took one roller coaster, than it was almost noon. At noon, it was time to award prizes for music competition. We got the champion prize. That's awful great.
As I told you, today is the first day re-open, so their roller coaster couldn't remain steady. There's a superman roller coaster, we went there 3 times, and everytime the machine was testing, but if you line up, it still took forever to wait.
Two girls and I were partner today. We took every roller coaster together. It was very fun. Until we went to a roller coaster which called "free fall", something happened. The machine stock! And we were in the roller coaster. What a ~!@#$%^&*...... We hand in hand and stock there about 10 minutes. Because we be tied on the seat belt, so we can't even move. All we did was singing and praying and talking. Althought it's bad to be stock, but we got good time there.
When we go back to hotel, it's 9:00 p.m. We went to swimming. Swimmig is my favorite sport, but there's no public swimimg pool in McCreary County. I didn't go swim for half year. It' really enjoyable time in swimming pool there.
........To be continued待續
美國打電話的費率與台灣不太相同,舉凡local call(區域號碼相同)都是免費(或該說是不論打多少,月費都相同),若要打跨區電話,必須向電話公司申請並額外付費,所以較多人的作法是買電話卡。


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