I have a web design class this semester. My definition of "Web design" is a computer class to teach you how to use computer to make a website. Is my definition right? If I'm wrong, the article below is nonsense. If I'm right, I have to ask, why school don't use COMPUTER to teach WEB DESIGN? I can't agree a computer class teach Microsoft Front Page by text book only. It's just like a PE class only sit in the gym and watch basketball video, than let you practice soccer to instead of basketball.
I had ask teachers about this, she said:"We don't have Microsoft Front Page this software. I don't even know I'll teach Web Design when I come to this school." Is this a good excuse? I can't agree, neither. Making a website, as you know, Front page is not the only software you can work with. If she could teach class how to use some other software to make a web site and also use text book(sure, the text book is teaching the software we are using), I'll happy to learn. But she just teach Front Page by text book, and test test test. I can't believe this belongs to American Education system. In Taiwan, we call this kind teaching skill is"cramming in the fashion of force-feeding"(填鴨式教育). So after this class, students know the definition of the words from Computer, but they still don't know how to make a web site. It's equal learn nothing. If I just want to learn computer definition, I should stay home and read my dictionary. Why I need to go to school? I know she wants us to know the basic thing of computer. It's a good idea. But I just can't accept if only learn that basic.
I complain about this is just want to say, we should learn by what we have. Many ways can still go to the same target. But don't teach an invisible stuff.
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