My hostsister Jessica, a 2-year-old girl, has a very rare disease, NKH(Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia). It's possible not every doctor know this disease. Because some doctors told my host parents she has diabetes when she was born.(Owing to the word"Hyperglycinemia"'s pronuciation is really close to "Hyperglycemic Crises (高血糖急症)".) But the dibatets' medicine didn't work on Jessica, so they kept finding doctor to help her. Finally, they found a doctor who knew about this.
What's NKH disease? I don't really know how to describe to you. In my opinion, it's kind of a vegetable(植物人). She can't move by herself(except when she is screaming or puking.), and she can't even eat by mouth. So, there's a hole on her belly, she can only eat by cannula(插管). Everyday, she just lie on bed and do nothing. Sometimes she pee or poo-poo(如廁的俗語) or feel bed, she will screaming and crying without moving her body. It break my heart every time. I think she is so poor. But, my host parents still love her so much, it's so affecting.
She feel sick these days. I can feel the air full of upset in our house. Especially my host parents, they seem to lost their smile. Today(2/16) after school, only Jess was in the house. And he told us Jessica was in Hospital. We prepared Felicia's stuff and brought to hospital. She stayed in hospital with Jessica.
When we arrived hospital, grandmom was there. Jessica was breathing with oxygen tent(氧氣罩), and her face was white. We looked at her and gave her  kisses. Felicia was preparing her medicine. I asked Felicia, "Does she feel better?" She couldn't make sure. After all, Jessica can't talk her feeling to us. But doctor said that she is getting better. It's a good news.
We stayed in hospital for about 3 hours. Her aunt came to see her. There was a man from church who visited us with his family, too. He led us to pray and gave her best wishes. Before the visitors left, everyone of them gave her a kiss and said "I love you, sisi." She got god's love and all of our love. I believe she will feel better as soon as possible. God bless her!


鄭重推薦The Hospital






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