Owing to our sping trip to George, madrical is making a donation. We tried to sell calanders, beef jerky, holidays stuff, and so on. We also had a special idea---ham dinner---it took place at school cafeteria today. After the ham dinner, there was coming a dessert auction. Every student prepared some dessert for auction. One of my classmate's dad is an auctioneer, he helped us to sell dessert.


Our ham dinner started at 5:00 p.m., and we performed at 5:30. Than the dessert auction begun. This was my very first time to watch an auction The auctioneer talked so rapidly. I can barely understand what he was talking. When I watched the auction, I didn't pay full attention, because one of the dessert I brought is Pearl Milk Tea, our most popular drink. I was worried about what if nobody wants it. After all, my host family didn't like the tea.(See <異國珍奶 台灣滋味> or <Foreign Pearl Milk Tea, Taiwan Taste>) So, I couldn't make sure does American like it or not.


Finally, it was Peral Milk Tea's tern. I made a poster for auctioneer to introduce. Than, started bidding. "One doller bid now one doller.......Two.......Three....... Four......Five dollars, who would bid a that five dollars bid? Five dollars. Sold!" Wow! My first cup Pearl Mike Tea was five dollars. I was so exciting.


After some delicious dessert be sold out. I ask to sell Pearl Milk Tea again. Because I prepared 3 gallon of milk tea and 2 bags of pearl. The second time we put two cups togethor. This time, 3 dollars per one cup. And not much people had interesting in this second time. I started feeling nervous. "God! Help me!" 


Something happened! Some people next to me asked me "What's pearl?"


"Mnnn.....It's kind of.......made by........mnnnnn......I..." I don't know how to describe what pearl is, so the last sentance I said was"It's a very popular and delicious dessert in Taiwan. Do you wanna try one?" I don't even know what the ingredient is, all I know is Pearl Mike Tea is aweful great.


"I would like to try one." He said.


"Oh! Thank you."I was cheering up, and asked them to sell again. But there's no dessert like mine, every dessert only sold once except the dessert nobody wants at first time. So, I just sold him 3 dollars the same as the last bid price. It gave me a great idea. I started walking through the tables and ask them to buy. Believe it or not, I sold 12 cups(3 dollars per one cup), it ran out all of the pearl. Wow! What a plentiful harvest!


I made too much mike tea. There's a gallon left. I shared with friends. Although not everyone wants to try it. But everyone who tried the milk tea said "Good!" Some of them said it taste like cappuccino(卡布奇諾).


Pearl Milk Tea is created in Taiwan. It should be one of our special culture. I'm so glad to introduce to them.


之前一直誤認綠卡就是美國人的身分證,直到有一次問了Felicia才明白,美國人只有Social Security Card,綠卡是移民的身分證。
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  • Thankyou for your card!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Now I have studied at Department of Electrical Engineering in National United University .

    What time do you come back Taiwan? We are miss you!!!





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