This weekend is Chinese Lunar New Year. But Felicia has to work. So I decided to introduce the most important holiday of the year to them today.
I already wrote the New Year Scrolls(春聯) one month before. So, after school, the first thing we did was pasting the New Year Scrolls. The sentences on New Year Scrolls were created by my dad. So, there are my parents' name on that. Jacob helped me to paste the corlls on wall. I also told them the story of the year monster(年獸), that's why we use red paper.
After dinner, it's time for lucky monwy(壓歲錢). I said that our adult give children red evenlope(紅包) after New Year's eve's dinner(年夜飯), but this year, I'm the adult. Ha...ha.... Than I gave them the red evenlopes. Jess was so concentrated on the 50 dollars coin. because it change words while you are seeing by different angle. And when you see through the 100 dollars bill, there are 2 flowers, thay are Taiwan's national flowers(國花).
Lucky money attracted their attention so much. But, the most important thing didn't come out yet. I design a sign, "The Roberts Family", and asked my dad to make it by wood. I believed it will be the most important gift of the year. Just as expected, they love it. I saw felicia's eyes were wet, Jess' and Jacob's eyes were foucosed on that. I'm so glad and touched. 
Few houes after, I suddenly want to write some more New Year Scrolls, and also invited them to join me. I wrote "Spring", "Lucky"(福), and"Earn more money"(招財進寶). Jacob tried to copy the words from the red evenlope and my name. And this is the very first time for Felicia to try to write Chinese Calligraphy. She copied the words, Congratulation New Year(恭賀新禧), on the red evenlope, too. We enjoyed writing very much. It's such a sweet and warm and fragrant night.
For my dear family and friends, Happy New Year! Although I'm far a way from you. But I'm sure you are now getting my best wishes!




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