We enjoyed the snow yesterday very much, Jacob and I both made wishes, we hoped it will continue snow today. But, it quit.
We waked up at 9:00, and walked around the house, the snow was still there, but the sun was coming out, too. We used the snow on the floor to fight, even got some and tasted it. The taste of snow wasn't good, although we added some cholcate and sugar. After eating, Felicia told me, the first snow of the year is not clean. It includes a lot of dirt. After the first snow, if it snow some other day, we will make snow ice cream. It's aweful good!
Oh.....I just ate some dirty snow.....
At noon, the snow on the grass was almost melted, only some of that under the shadow wasn't melted. Our snowman, JC(Jacob said our name both have "JC" inside, so the name of snowman we built is JC), it became thiner and thiner. And one of our cat pee on that, it looks poor.
Anyway, Bye! Snow! I hope I will see you again.
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