Web Design is a new subject of this semester. After one week, I think this class is not so interesting as I thought. We did some search and define of computer words. We just wrote an article at class about our idea of web you'll design. I put the article below to share.
My idea of web design

My website will be an information website. One of my hobbies is reading, so, I go to bookstore often. The goal for me to go to bookstore is knowing about new books, reading new issue magazines, finding art performances(such as drama and concert), and searching some author's speech information.

Some time I have no time to go to bookstore, so I go to bookstore's or publisher's website (such as Kingstone Bookstore and Crown Publisher). Because of business problem, they may keep some information as a secret, than sell the information for one of the public media. If I want to know all the information, I need to visit bookstore's and publisher's, even newspaper's and TV's website. It wastes too much time. I believe some people hate wasting time on that but afraid to miss some program. This time, you need a multiple information website, and this is what I want to do.

In my website, first, I will provide the latest books information. I'm interested in novel, essay, travel literature, and some of poem. I may recommend these types only. But I will put an area in the website for all the visitors to provide the books information that they're interested in. So, it will be all types of books in my website.

Second, I will put the mainly art ticket sellers' website link in my website. The 2 mainly art ticket sellers in Taiwan, they sell drama, concert, dance, etc performance's ticket. They provide sufficient performance's information. I will also put the website link, Ministry of Culture in every county government. They provide official art information.

Third, the new issue magazine information can be found in magazines' website. Although, it's not possible they put the entire article in magazine on their website let you can read for free. But most of time, they put some attraction article in website. Because of copyright, all I can do is adopt the article and also introduce this magazine, and tell you how much the magazine is.

Fourth, I will ask the publisher to provide their author's speech information. So, this website will have all kinds of information.

Above all, the chat room is important to this website. So, you can use this website to meet new friends who has the same hobbies as you. You can also debate with others about a book you have read or a performance you have watched. It's a good thing for a love-read reader. Reading one book, you have your new idea and opinion. Debating with others, you have not only an idea or opinion, and also encourage yourself to use brain to think. Knowledge is not only one guy can build. You need to understand what other is thinking about.

This website's name will be Internet Reading and Information Club. Are you ready to join us?








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