Today is the last day of 2005. Most of people in the city may go to join a big party, than count down "5,4,3,2,1, Happy New Year!" and be crazy all night.
Taiwan is 13 hours earlyer than here. I read United Daily News(聯合報) online, it said that TAIPEI 101 will have a firework show. And the show will be live relay on CNN News. I was excited about that, so I want to watch the firework show.
When I waked up, sat in front of TV, and turned the channel to CNN. "Damn it! It's already 11:08!(So, Taiwan is 00:08)" I said sadly. I guessed I miss the firework show. But, I thoght the news channel should report the same news every hour. So, I was patience and still sat in front of TV for one hour. Only CNN, I didn't change channel.
11:55, it's the end of news report this hour, the screen showed the firework in "HONH KONG, CHINA" to be the end of the news.
12:03, the news report started a new hour. There are 4 breaking news. One of them is "There was a firework in HONH KONG, CHINA one hour before....." the reporter said. "Where's Taiwan?"I thought. I gave up. I don't want to wait one more hour to wait the firework show in Taiwan. I would rather believe that I missed the news, not CNN ignored Taiwan.
P.S. Share with you the picture on the TOP. It's U.S.A. stamps, but the subject is Chinese Lunar New Year. Is that cool?
Eventually, I enjoyed the pearl mike tea which should be 2 persons quantity by myself, and cherished it and drank in it......
(其實這不是新文章,而是之前<異國珍奶 台灣滋味>之譯文。我請媽咪寄了中國時報給我,和Felicia分享,她好奇內容是啥,我便嘗試著把文章翻譯,歡迎大家給予文法上的指導!)

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