This sunday is Christmas, it also means we have only half christmas holidays rest. (We'll start school after New Year's Day, Jan. 2nd.)
Our family celebration will take place tomorrow, it's a big dinner and family reunion, just like we did on Thanksgiving. I designed a family Christmas card(I show it on the bottom of this article.), we printed 30 copies out, I'm glad they like it.
These days, we got many Christmas cards from Felicia's family and friends. But most of them, there's only signature on the cards. They have really different writing cards custom from Taiwan.
I got some christmas wishes in my e-mail. Actually, the e-cards make not much sensation. But I still happy the friends who wrote me e-cards. Something really cheers me up is that I got 3 Christmas cards from Taiwan. 2 of them from friends, the rest one is from EF. It touched my heart very much.
Thanks for the technology, it makes our life faster. But we lose some emotion. So far, I wrote a bunch of postcards and cards to family and friends. Some of them sent me mail or left me some messages when they got the card. I would like to write the postcards only because I thught the feeling when you read the real words on a real card exceed when you read words on the e-mail. Do you agree with me?
Anyway, I want to say thank you to Chung-hsien, Yun-yun, and EF. I like the cards very much!
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