Today is friday, it's the very last school day. But because of too cold, there are some ice on the road, so we get one more holiday! (I have heard about "snow day" before, it just like our "typhoon day" in Taiwan. But they told me that "snow day" depends upon the ice on the road. If ice on the road, it's dangerous on the way to school.)


Yesterday was first final day. I had test on first and third period. (And today should be the second final day, there are tests on the second and fourth perod.) My second period is physics, I had showed you our physics final test in last article. Fourth period is art, we will do open book test. As for the first period (madrigal) and third period (English) tests, I really have self-confident on that. Because I had learned music before, and English teacher help us to get good grade.


We made posters on Wednesday. The details on posters are vocabulary definition, author's life and typical bookmaking, and something important we had read in novals. Teacher also made us study guide. We can put something we thought we need in test on a small piece of paper, and we can use that paper in test. Anyway, the test style is really different from Taiwan.


The most difficult part in all tests is "open response". You have to write a short essay to reply the question. I hoped I did it ok.

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