Tonight(12/5) is my very first time formal performance. Although, madrigal often be invited to perform, but we always sing the same songs. But this time is different. We prepared about 8 songs, and we both sang and danced. All the songs are talkng about Christmas.
We started practicing at 2 months ago. At first, I enjoyed singing and dancing. But when we practiced constanly, the same song again and again everyday, I fell a little bit tired of that. But Christmas performance only once a year, and it sells tickets. We have to sing perfect. OK! "Practice makes prefact." Stop complaining.
How did I do tonight? I guess it's OK. Because I felt nervous. Although I ain't in the first line, but I still can see a lot of audience. It's been a long time I did't stand in front of large amount of people. Feeling nervous is normal, right?


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  • Blake
  • Wow, it seems that you have a solid time. But don't overload yourself. Think about the cost to the doctor,take care!
    I'm bored now though I'll have the exam on Thursday and Friday. It's really tired to study the damn specialisms!


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