When the first guy discovered America, he and the native American celebrate their harvest. Than, American start celebration "Thanksgiving".


Thanksgiving in the fourth Thursday every November. My host family has family reunion every Thankgiving and Christmas. Every member of this family will go to one of their house, and have a big dinner. This year is Felicia's tern, so we take place the big dinner in our house.


Our big dinner was on Saturday. (Althought Thanksgiving was on Thursday.) We started preparing at Friday night. Felicia's two sisters came to help with their children. Children play the Play Station 2 all night. We adult(I'm 18!) prepared mashed potato, beans, bread, gravy, dressing, corn, dessert, and the most important meal, turkey. We did that until midnight. It was tired but happy.


Saturday, I woke up until the turkey odor came to my nose. Felicia's sister and mother came, and we did the rest meal, than began eating after praying. We had more than 10 different food. It was great!


But the great thing is not food on holiday, it's family reunion!


Rick asked me "Do you remember what Sylvester Duncan(Anna接待家庭的爺爺,見Going Home...) told you?"


"Yes, tied one on!" I said.


He smiled, but I knew he was sad......



上回的"Newspaper"忘記提到這是份「週報」!美國的許多縣都有自己的報紙,不過大多以週報形式發行,畢竟只報自己縣上的大小事;而日報則是最小以"州"為單位發行(ex:肯德基州),至於紅遍台灣的美國報紙The New York Times,老實說迄今我還沒看到它的真面目,即使在肯德基的大城市,較常看到的是U.S.A. Today。



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  • 智皓
  • 真好的一天
    看起來你的host family 痕不錯ㄟ

  • Azusa
  • Hi, Jacky!!! Thank u for leaving me message in my blog.
    yeah it's long long lo~~~~ng time no see! I miss the campers and, of course I miss u, too!!U seem to be enjoying ur life here and I'm glad to know that!
    I've been having a pretty good time so far, thanks. And u know I didn't know that yuma and u know each other pretty well. He's also my friend...
    well keep in touch plez, so add me on messenger if u have one or save my email, okay?
    got to go///talk to u later!
  • Blake
  • 看來你肥了挺多 而且還變性了... ^.^
    快要考托福了 一起開F1吧!
    P.S 吾名非此名 乃明...
    P.P.S 本人現於台中縣立人監獄服刑 明年準備逃獄


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