Daniel Radcliffe , Rupert Grint and Emma Watson star in Warner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Today I was so exciting! Becase Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is coming to the screen. I decided to go to movie with friend. Don and his sister are big Harry Potter fans, too. Sure they must watch the movie at first day, and they're good partners to go with.
After school, I stay until 18:00, than took Don's sister's car to Somerset Cinema. All the parking spots were full. I believed all because of Harry Potter attrecation. We bought the 21:20 ticket, than went eating dinner.
At 21:20, theater turn off the light. We watched the preview movie but thought about Harry Potter in our heart. Until the icon "WB"(the movie company that made Harry Potter, Warner Brothers) appeared, every audience screamed and claped hands. No one didn't focus on screen.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is more risky and dangerous. Harry joined the三巫鬥法大賽(The competition against two other wizard) unexpectedly. In the end of this competition, he met the Lord Voldemort who relive and grow his body. It's more magic this time. and add more "Love". It's hard to say, you have to feel by yourself.
P.S. The other thing make me exciting is that The Davinci Code will become a move next May.
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