Everybody always be crazy on Fridays. Because weekend is coming!
I borrow <Harry Potter III>(哈利波特:阿茲卡班的逃犯) DVD from friend. Don , although I had watched that before, but <Harry Potter IV>(哈利波特:火盃的考驗) is coming next Friday, so I wanna review it again. Jacob and I watched Harry Potter on Friday night. He isn't a Harry Potter fan, so he didn't so enjoy movie as me. After movie, I went online the internet and used messenger that I didn't use for a long time. I met a lot of friends, we chat all night (they were in the afternoon) until I felt sleepy. I was exciting to talk with old friends.
Saturday, I woke up at noon. And a friend called me and invited me to his home. So we 2 exchange students, Matty and me, went to Devin's home and enjoed movie: <American Pie>(美國派) and <We Were Soldiers>(勇士們). <We Were Soldiers>is a war movie, <American Pie> is funny and talking about sex movie. We 3 big boys all laughed very loud, Devin's 12-year-old brother also joined the movie, but I thought the detils about sex is too early to let him know. (Believe it or not, lots of classmates only 16-year-old here, they told me they are already not virgins.)
I back home at about 8:00 p.m., I also borrow 3 movies DVD from Devin, <Finding Nemo>(海底總動員), <Catch Me If You Can>(神鬼交鋒), and <Big Fish>(大智若魚). <Finding Nemo> and <Catch Me If You Can> are good movies, so I wanna review even I had watched that before. <Big Fish> is a special movie, it talk about a man who love to talk story of his life. But his son thought that is a tale, so left him alone. His mom tried to let them get close, and he tried to understand his dad's feeling and the truth of the story......
I watched the rest 3 movies on Sunday. So all my weekend was full of movies. Some are funny, some are touching. Movies just like our life's minimize, that can make me full of imgination. That's why I love movies.


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  • Miyako
  • I love you, Jacky! This is Mi-ya-ko-------.
    I love Harry Potter,too. I wanna see the latest movie!!!!!!!
    I have no idea with your blog in Chinese lol tell me your massenger address! I wanna chat with you.


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