This is my school -- McCreary Central High School. I have 4 classes a day,choir, Physics, English, and Art. The first class start from 8:00a.m., and end at 3:00p.m. I met lots of friends, they're friendly. Teachers are nice to me, even sometimes I can't understand what they say. They are always patient to discribe what's that means.
I took school bus everyday. The school bus not only belong to my school. They belong to this county, so there are all students from elementary school to high school in the same bus, just like our public bus in Taiwan.
I have free breakfast and lunch in school. They like salty food, and they seldom eat vegetable. They drink soda as our water. They like fried food most........ I think I'll be fat after this year.
The schedules here are the same everyday. So I can enjoy every subjects, because all subjects are choiced by myself.
There is a hurricane in the sky. Here is windy with rain. In general, Kentucky is really hot. They turn on air-conditioner inside all day. So, even it's hot outside, I still wear my jacket.


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