Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Today(9/23) there's a special pageant in my school. Many boys made up like girls, and imitate girls' action, than start a beauty contest. Every "lady" walk on stage and the host introduce the "lady's" hobbies, dreams, and favorite TV show. I think their movement and behavior are weird for really lady, because they touch their fake bust and bottom. It seems to let himself(herself?) become sexy?
Some friends asked me to join the pageant, but I can't imagine what I'll be, so I give up. But I enjoyed being an audience, and makeing some photos with my "lady" friends.
 「三民主義,吾黨所宗,以建民國,以進大同。咨爾多士,為民前鋒; 夙夜匪懈,主義是從。矢勤矢勇,必信必忠;一心一德,貫徹始終。」我們的學生每天唱國歌,美國的學生每天要宣示
I pledge allegience, to the flag of the United Stateds Of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, under god, indivisible, with liberity, and justice for all.


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