I'm not a sport fan, but yestertoday(9/9) there's the first football game in school. I was curious about football, so, I watched the game.
Classmates told me I have to wear gold or brown color T-shirt to school. Because these 2 color are our school color. And students went crazy all day because of the ball game at night. Fourth period, every student got together in the gym to encourage the football players.
No matter freshman, sophomore, junior ,or senior, everyone yelled and shouted for their own grade. Than all students shouted for scholl slogon "Go Raiders!"
The footbal game took placed at7:30. Cheerleaders started cheering and Players started running, but the audience didn't seem excited. A few of them shouted only if we got a point. It made me confused. The foodball games in the movies are exciting, but why not here?
I'm proud of my school, because we won the game, even though the game itself wasn't exciting to me.
P.S. I though Quidditch(魁地奇), the sport in <Harry Potter>, just like football, but it takes place in the sky!
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