I joined the school madrigal, and this TUE(9/6). is my first time performance.
Because of Cumberland Lake Hospital has a new building, so they invited us to sing. (My classmate said that MCHS Madrigal is the best choir in McCreary County.) We sing 2 songs, one for begining, the other for ending. Begining song is <Star Spangled Banner>, ending song is <My Old Kentucky Home>. I enjoyed singing very much. (You can touch the song's name, than you can listen to the music!)
After singing, we had a big luch. There are 3 floors for food, 1 floor for appetizer, basement for main food, 2 floor for dessert. There are Mexican food and American food for main food. And the dessert has a chocolate fall. We can eat every fruit and cookies with chocolate. It's really delicious.
Everybody was very full. When we were waiting school bus, one of classmates ask me "Do you know about martial(Chinese Kung Fu)?" That's a good question. I have answered this question many times. American thought every Chinese knows Kung Fu(功夫)!? My answer is I had learned a little bit Taekwondo(跆拳道) in my childhood. So they asked me to show them Taekwondo. You can see that photo that a lady and I have a cool posture!
It's a fun day. I thought today let me with friends more close.
Happy birthday song is popular everywhere. American Birthday song is longer than our.
>>>>Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday dear ***(name),Happy birthday to you. And many more.
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