Yesterday(9/2) night, I cooked dinner for my hostfamily. I cooked Chinese traditional food,stir-fry rice(炒飯) and Chinese tea. They seldome use soy sauce(醬油),so we went to supermarket to buy that and rice first. Grandma helped me to cook rice, but we put too more warter, so the rice tasted very sticky. Chinese usually drinks hot tea, American likes to put some ice cude and suger inside. So, when we cooked tea, they added ice cude and sugar, it tasted better for them.
Today, we took a trip to a National scenery, Cumberland Falls. It's a pretty place. Espacially, the waterfall is majestic. We made lots of photos. Jacob(my host brother) and I climbed the big stones. We very enjoyed our trip today.
When we back home, we started to make some desserts for a family metting tomorrow. Felicia(my host mother) told me the family meeting takes place once a year. Some family members who live far from here will come to meet us, too. I expect that we will have a happy meeting tomorrow!

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  • 今天是中秋節,月圓人團圓。
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  • 中秋節快到了
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