Sunday is a chirch day, but toay is more than a church day. Felicia was going to be bapatized!
Before, I thought everyone wants to be a Christian shoud be bapatized. But, it's wrong. Felicia told me "One day, I felt god forgives me, I will go to heaen." She got the feeling, so she goes to be bapatized. A person who is Christian needs to be bapatized, than god starts being his master, his leader. Before this, devil is his leader, so he does whatever he wants, and he will not go to heaven, either. But if he be bapatized, than god knows him. God will lead him do something right. and he will go to heaven.
A person may goes to be bapatized many times in his whole life. He may let god leads him for a while, but than he changs his mind, he starts doing something wrong. After a while, he knows he's wrong, and he feels god forgives him, and he be bapatized again and be led by god. It's just like a guy goes to prison and wants to be a new guy again and again.
Do you believe this? It's up to you. I will always respect every religion. 
題外話>什麼?No Oscar?

Achievement in Directing


Ang Lee


Two young cowboys in the 1960s develop a strong bond that turns to love over the course of a summer in the Wyoming mountains. As they share herding duties in an isolated setting, Ennis and Jack find themselves drawn into a relationship--made impossible by the time and circumstances in which they live--that will color the rest of their lives.

Wow. I wish I knew how to quit you. First of all, i want to thank two people who don't even exist. Or I should say, they do exist, because of the imagination of Annie Proulx and the artistry of Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana. Their names are Ennis and Jack. And they taught all of us who made "Brokeback Mountain" so much about not just all the gay men and women whose love is denied by society, but just as important, the greatness of love itself. Thank you. Thank you members of the Academy for this tremendous honor. And to everyone at Focus Features, in particular, David Linde, James Schamus, thank you for your love and support. To Bill Pohlad, Tory Metzger, Ira Schreck , Joe Dapello, many thanks, and a special thanks to David Lee. And thanks to my wife, Jane Lin, and my boys, Han and Mason. I love you. On "Brokeback Mountain," I felt you with me every day. I just did this movie after my father passed away. More than any other, I made this for him. And finally, to my mother and family, and everybody in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Thank you.
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