Have you ever seen a fashion show? It introduced new cloths, or designer's new works. I never seen a fashion show before, and our school take place fashion show every year, so I would like to know what's that looked like.
The tickets were sold by 2 dollers per each. When I want to buy that, one of the model told me he cannot be here on Friday, and asked me to instead of him. I was exciting, so I agreed without thinking. Suddenly, I become protagonist from audience.
The show on the fourth period on Friday. But I'm one of model, so I left class on third period. We started to practice walking on the stage with good posture. I saw the empty seats and thought what post should I do. I have 6 different cloths, every cloth are expensive and famous brand. Between 2 cloths, I didn't have much time to change, so I tried as fast as I can.
The show started on time. My first cloth was number 6. When I went on stage, the audience screamed and yelled "Jacky! Jacky!", I just like a super star enjoyed they exciting to see me, than I didn't feel nervous anymore. It was very fun, and I relly enjoyed the "super star" feeling.
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