Almost every American are Christian, they go to church every Sunday. I have no choice but to obey, I go to church, too. Most of Christian are friendly, they're nice to me, even I like to ask some question about their god from The Da Vinci Code (達文西密碼).
In my opinion, I think church is not interesting. Most of time, we listen to preacher preaching. They have Sunday School, it classified students (based on age) to different group. When the first day I arrived KY, the church I went has young group for Sunday School. We had some activities(of course, talk about Jesus and HOLY BIBLE), it was not boring. But now the church I go has only children group, so youngs will sit with adult and listen to preach.
Last time, the preacher in my church gave me a HOLY BIBLE, and there's my name printed on the book. He hopes I can read it some time. "Do in Rome as Romans do."(入境隨俗) I'll try to read and know their god.
This Sunday, our church has second time big dinner.(We ate the meal at about 12:00. Felicia told me, if the meal before 12:00, we called that lunch; after 12:00, we called that dinner. The meal at about 17:00, we called that supper.) Every family cooked one meal to share. I prepared stir-rice(炒飯) this time. I thought they like it, because when we finished the big dinner, the rest of rice are not much.
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