Every year, the first Saturday on Oct. is McCreary Festival Parade. Everyone can join the parade. You can walk, ride motorcycle or horse, or drive vehicle. My host brother, Jacob, his school join the parade, but I didn't. So I were an audience. On the main street in McCreary County, there were full of people. I guess all the residents join the parade. When I were concentrate on making photos, something hit me. Oh! It's candy! Everyone in the parade line prepared many candies to share with audiences. Children saw candies, nobody didn't ignore candies, I don't eat candy much, but I still picked up some.

The parade only one hour, we backed home to eat lunch. Than host parent found a good deal--there's a store in Whitley City now on closing sale. So, we visited the store, 20% off to 75% off, I got some good and cheap stuffs. Than I saw a familiar looking slippers, even they're the same as the slippers on my feet. I saw the price, it's amazing me. After the slippers 50%off, the price is the same as my original price. Because of cheap, I bought a lot of cards, they may be enough used for this year!

p.s.我把時區調整囉!此篇之前都是台灣時間! (I change the time zone! Before this article, the time is Taiwan time!)


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  • 我是我爸爸 介紹我來這網站看看的 !!
    拍寫 看不懂英文 !!
    因為一個禮拜 用電腦一次 所以 下禮拜再看嚕 !!


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