Today is commencement. This is my second time to graduate from high school. But it was a totally different experience.
MCHS 2006 Commencement started at 10:00. But we had to be school at 8:30, since they knew most of students will be late. I was on time, so I walked around and took some pictures. Everyone wore cap and gown, it's the very first time American students all wearing the same like our unifom 
The Commencement started! All seniors walked in to gym with music. It was slowly walking. We were the leading role today. Than I went on stage with madrigal, and sang my last time American National Anthem and Kenucky State Song, "My Old Kentucky Home". The last song was performed by senior madrigals only, we sang for everyone, "Maybe We'll meet again." 
Our song was so touching.
 All the smiles and tears we've shared through the years.
 Forever will be in my heart and mind.
 You believed in me, always there for me.
 Take my hand, stand by me one last time.
 One day my friend, maybe we'll meet again.
After the class president's and some teachers' speech. It's time to get diploma. When I was in HCHS last year, each class had one student to represent us to get diploma. But here, everyone will be called and go on stage to get it.
Our principal tried his best to pronounce my name, Mr. Hsieh, Cheng-chih "Jacky". There was big clapping and screaming voice while everyone was going on stage. sounds very good......ha ha......
Some of friends I may never see them again. My Exchange student is almost over, too. There was a song we sang on Senior Breakfast the day before yesterday. It's called "Friend."
 Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them,
 And a friend will not say never 'cause the welcome will not end.
 Tho' it's hard to let you go, in the Father's hands we know.
 That a life time's not too long to live as friend.
Thank you all my friends for your helping this year. I'll miss you.
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