My RC(Regional Coordinator), Carolyn, invited me to introduce Taiwan to his son's, Michael's, class. She told me there are 18 boys in his class, it's a writing class, since I have experience about writing articles. I want to make my presentation better, so I made a PowerPoint to introduce Taiwan.
Until this morning, Michael's teacher told Carolyn she changed her mind. I will not speech to the writing class but all students of 6 grade. Wow! Instead of 18 students, there are 100 and more in 6 grade in Meece Middle School. I had some nervous feeling.
I prepared many candies from Taiwan as gifts. My rule is once you ask or answer a question, you can get one candy. Foreign candy is very charming. Every students pay a lot attention on my presentation.
I afraided they may know nothing about Asia (Since I had a classmate point America Map and ask me where is Taiwan.). So, my presentation started from a world map. I asked them point out where is America, Asia and also tell me and point out some countries in Asia. There were over 50 students raising their hand and answering it. It's amazing me! I bet them have a great geography teacher.
After introducing the location of Taiwan, I talked about our school, culture, food, and sports. Every question I asked, almost all students want to answer it. Even someone said the wrong answer, but just for candy, they tried their best.
Some students asked me some interesting question. "Do you have cow in Taiwan?" "What kind of food you eat in school lunch?" "Do you like America?" There is one my favorite, "What's the difference between Chinese and Taiwanese?" My answer is, "We write difference(Traditional/Simplified Chinese) but speak the same(Mandarin)."
After presentation, Carolyn told me, there were 4 exchange students from Norway, German, Denmark, and Japan have talked to them. It makes me envious of them so bad. When I was in middle school, our Geography class only text book and test but nothing else. How lucky they are. They can not only see the map in text book"where's Taiwan", but also a real people from Taiwan to talk to them.
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