Our school have our own newspaper. It print out once a season. All the writer in the journalisim class. I would like to be one of the writers, but the class time is the same as madrigal, so I can choice one of them.
Although, I can't write article on the article, but I can be reported. Because that time in the Kentucky All-state Adjudication Choir(見All-state Choral Adjudication) I did pretty good grade. Scott wrote an article about we 6 persons in the choir. All of us did good job.
I want not only to share with you this article, but also want to share with you our school newspaper, so I asked the newspaper leader teacher about the newspaper file. The files are .pdf(use Adobe Reader to open). I was tried to put the file online, but after I update the file. it can't be download anymore. So all I can do is change the file from .pdf to .jpg. So you can see that in the photo file. But words on the newspaper may be blurred. So if you know how to put .pdf online, please tell me!

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