Recent two days (9/16~17), there was a music Festival in University of Kentucky(UK). The music festival takes place every year, they invite many high school choirs to join and perform. I was part of it this year and enjoyed the music very much.


First day (9/16) we left school at 9:15, taking school bus for 3 hours to Lexington. On the way to UK, we ate lunch in one of 4 differences fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. In fact, we have more than 4 choices, American loves fast food. No wonder most of Americans are big.


When we arrived Lexington, we went to check-in hotel first. Than went to UK to practice songs that we will perform. Choir is composed of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. We separated to practice. I’m a Tenor. After 3 hours practicing, we admired UK choir performance.


When we back to hotel at 10:30. Our teacher said we have curfew at 11:30, so we decided to go swimming first. The swimming pool was really small. I thought we can only play inside the pool, not swim. Just as I expected, everybody played together. I want to emphasize “EVERYBODY” this word. It’s amazing to me. In my opinion, Boys always esteem girls, we won’t touch or hug girls when we’re both naked (of course, we wear swimming suit). But I’m wrong, they hug, touch….. I had to be brave and join with them.


On the second day, we practiced together, and rehearsal again and again. I really enjoyed singing and listening to music. Try to imagine, you stand with 400 people and sing together. The music full of power, it touched my heart very much.


In the formal perform, we stand on the stage. The audiences not as big as I thought. But the clapping was still very loud. We had a very good performance.



台灣多半只有在速食餐廳有購餐車道(Drive Thru),美國不僅在速食餐廳有,星巴克、藥局、啤酒店、ATM……,究竟該說美國很方便,還是美國人很懶呢?



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