Today I went to the movie which I wait for a long time, The Da Vinci Code. I went with Justin and Amber, we read the book, so we all were very exciting.
Last night, I was reading newspaper online. There is an interesting news. Thailand and Philippines are Catholic country, so Thailand cut 10 minutes of the film and put a sentence "This is a fiction film" in the end of the movie. And The Da Vinci Code is rated "R"(限制級) in Philippines. It means you can watch this film if you older than 18, so there are still some people complain about this in Philippines.
Although America is a Christian country, but I'm glad they didn't against this movie like Thailand or Philippines. So I went to watch on the coming out day.
We were in a rush. We took 15 mintues to finish our lunch at McDonald's, and drive to the theater as fast as we could. But we missed few mintues movie. The professor Robert London(Tom Hanks) and Sophie Neveu(Audrey Tautou) was in the restroom in Louvre museum when we were finding seats in the theater.
I read the book one year ago, so I don't remember many details. But the film made me recall some parts of the book. It's a great movie, just like the book.
This film is so dark. When we came out the theater, we can barely open our eyes because of the shining sun. We were very satisfied about The Da Vinci Code. But I guess it aggravates many very devout Jesus' follower.

There is an interesting article adopt from Time Magazine May 22, 2006 issue<6 Ways to Break the Da Vinci Code>, by JEREMY CAPLAN:
1.  BAN(禁演) Both cinemas in the Faroe Islands, a Danish territory, are refusing to show the adaptation of Dan Brown's blockbuster novel on grounds of sacrilege. This isn't the first film banned there. Monty Python's Life of Brian was nixed for its naughty nuances.
2.  STARVE(絕食) If their government nixes a ban, a group of Catholics in India may fast--"unto death," said one of its leaders.
3.  SUE(控告) Top Vatican official Francis Cardinal Arinze said the film's insults to the faith may merit legal action to stop its dissemination.
4.  RIDICULE(嘲弄) The Da Vinci Code Response Group says it won't stoop to condemnations or boycotts but calls the film "harmless" and "grotesque."
5.  PREACH(傳教) More than half of U.S. pastors polled by Leadership, a Christian magazine, said they planned sermons, classes or seminars to discuss biblical and theological issues raised by the film.
6.  COUNTERPROGRAM(反制) Along with the usual pre-movie trailers, 250 theaters in Sydney, Australia, will show a brief Anglican Church video challenging the film, part of an effort to get 10% of the city's population to become churchgoers by 2012.
01禁演 對,不准演,就可以控制損害,就可以避免「毒素」四散。
02絕食 這是一種抗爭的姿態。為了一部電影而去絕食抗議,一定是因為你有滿腔怒火,願意為信念獻身,據說印度就有天主教徒揚言如果政府不禁演該片,就要絕食至死。
03控告 這是必要的法律行動,有的罪犯,明明做錯了事,卻死鴨子嘴硬,不肯認錯,一狀告進法庭,尋求司法仲裁和司法救濟,其實是文明人的理性行為。
04嘲弄 有的人一受激,就會暴跳如雷,這種人最容易上當,卻未必能夠解決問題。面對別人的惡意挑釁或污蔑,不要隨之起舞,是很重要的應對之道,揶揄《達文西密碼》,說它不成氣候,影響有限,其實也是一種消毒策略。
05傳教 正面迎戰「邪說」,以傳教、開課、舉辦研討會等訴諸理性的辯論與對話,讓信徒更加定信念,也許還會增加更多信徒呢!
06反制 澳洲人的態度比較有趣,雪黎教會研判當地會有250家戲院映演《達文西密碼》的預告片,於是他們也跟著製作了一部反制短片,駁斥《達》片的論述,讓影迷知所比較,找到生命中的真理。




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  • Winston
  • You
    incorrectly imply the movie is banned on the Faroe Islands.
    That is not the case – neither was it the case with Life of Brian for that
    matter. This is simply a matter of two privately owned cinemas make a business decision
    that they won’t show the movie. However nothing would prevent any other Faeroe
    cinemas from showing it if they should so chose as it supposedly will be available
    on DVD someday.


    Btw. The Da Vinci Code is the ultimate proof that women
    like sex with men; an intriguing beginning, a soft middle and a complete lack
    of climax.
    The book was lousy, the movie worse.
  • Ya-Yun
  • thanks for your comment Jacky!

    It really makes me laugh.

    I'm not gonna


    I am going to that movie next weekend!

    Hope the theater won't be too crowded.


    By the way, I still can't figure out why US likes to be different from  other countries in  inches, pounds, and gallons.

    I asked my friends but none of them know the reason.


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